The 'M' Family | Fort Benning, Georgia | Family Photography

I am beyond backlogged on blogging my sessions! Currently I'm out of state for a funeral and have been extremely busy, I'm just glad everyone got their galleries on time and I didn't encounter any technical difficulties- you know bad things run in threes so I was just waiting for some sort of malfunction! >.< but nothing thank goodness! 

This sweet family was so much fun to photograph, I absolutely love how their gallery turned out and how much personality was packed into every image. Little miss Addie and her coconspirator Annie were a bundle of laughs and a little bit of mischief, nothing a few fruity mentos and a fast shutter can't fix. We did the session about 12 hours before I was leaving on my trip, I had just enough time to squeeze them in and I'm so glad I did. The shot of little lady flying, well there is a good backstory behind it so let me tell you... in order to get that shot I had to lie down just in front of dads feet, well, I decided to lie ON A FIRE ANT NEST. I got up after we got the shot and was like wow that grass is REALLY itchy... then I saw them crawling. COVERED IN FIRE ANTS! Thankfully they came to my rescue and started swatting and brushing them off! So, first rule of thumb in Georgia is always check the ground before you sit or you know, roll around in the dirt for five straight minutes. I'm still recovering from the bites but I'm just thrilled with their images so it was well worth it.


Moral of the story?
Hire a photographer that'll take on a fire ant nest for you