NJ: Comin' at ya!

     OH, almost didn't see you there! Heh, well since you're here I might as well tell you the good news... I'm coming back to New Jersey. Yay right? Well it's just for a visit but I will be there sometime early July until mid to late August so I can't wait to get my butt on a mountain and in some lakes!
     But, I'm not coming up just to have fun and visit with family. After taking a much needed mental health break I'm back at it and feeling better than ever; so I'm looking to book some sessions. I'm talking anything, everything and whatever lies in the middle! For this month and a half only, I'll be doing hour long photo sessions for $75 with 15-20 awesomely edited digitals included. I WANT YOU (to let me photograph you) to have your true self shine through and together we can make magic.
     Take advantage of this while I'm around because before you know it I'll be back in Georgia and you'll be wishing you had those gorgeous memories of Summer 2016.

     and as always, please feel free to share!
     See you soon,