Little Miss Belle

So, I'm sure this is news to no one that knows me personally but I have never before considered newborn, infant or pretty much any type of childrens portraiture. But, this mama called me up and was looking to have her daughters 2-month photos done and had pretty amazing ideas of how to style it... so of course I say DUH

This little gal is so adorable, I'm not one to easily catch the baby fever but I think if we spent enough time together I'd find myself wanting another wee-one (not in the cards family, you got your one). 

Mommy and her very lovely assistant came over and styled all of the flowers, baby whispered and even watched my little man for me while I was busy shooting. I have to say, three people was JUST enough for the job, I'd say one extra definitely would not have hurt anything. Although slightly chaotic it was really fun and I think this pretty baby's disposition really shined through. 

Will I photograph more kids in the future? Absolutely. Will I have at least one assistant? You bet. I have to hand it to all of you pro's that work strictly with children, it's a whole different animal from what I am used to but it's always great to step outside of your comfort zone.