The Babetown Collective | My First Feature | Tattooed Boudoir

     I received word earlier this week that my submission to The Babetown Collective was going to go live! Over the past year I've nearly given up submitting to blogs, there's a lot of work and exclusivity that goes into it and half the time they NEVER bother to respond with a yes or no. 
     Not the babetown though, this group of women let me just say, I have never resonated so highly with an online group of people before. I have found my ~home~ if you will. These ladies come together and made a community out of nothing, and it grows every day. I'm really proud to be a part of it.
     On a whim I decided to submit some personal work I had done with a friend, it seemed to suit the general theme of the group. Slightly strange, dark and moody, and not your standard boudoir shoot. To the right, is a link to their article featuring my set, but be warned it may not be safe for work for moderate nudity. View at your own discretion :)