Lifestyle Family Session | Fort Benning, Georgia | The Robertsons

I met Jen earlier this year on my sons first day of preschool, we live in the same neighborhood and see each other pretty much every weekday so naturally we end up on the topic of what we do outside of pre-k mom life. Her daughter just so happens to be my sons *first crush* and it's adorable. She's so sassy and bold and blonde it's no wonder he caught the feels fast! I wonder if she reminds him of someone... *ahem* lol!

Just before Christmas break, Jen asked me if I'd be available to photograph her and her family that would be in town for the holidays and I was all, duh that's what I do! We met up literally a minute from both of our houses down a dirt road that I'd never looked at twice and found a literal beach and really calm section of the river. Once the weather warms up I plan to take my son and pup there to run and TIRE THEMSELVES OUT because gosh knows mama needs a little peace and quiet! We spent a little over an hour shooting there, mixing it up a little with some posed family shots and then what I love- documenting the playful side! I may have tried to convince Jen and her sister to mud-wrestle, I was unsuccessful but I feel that was only due to the weather being chilly so maybe next time! Is it just me or does her dad remind you of the Dos Equis 'most interesting man alive'? 

Not only is Jen a mom of three, she's also a badass Crossfit trainer and she put me through glute hell yesterday! If you're in the Fort Benning/Columbus area and looking for a super chill trainer that understands just how much direction women actually need (lord knows I do) you definitely need to check her out! Comment below if you'd like her contact info, she kicked my butt in six minutes flat!