Arianna + Carrie - Surprise Proposal

It was even more of a surprise...

Because these two are already married!

Arianna and Carrie have been married for a few years now, but due to both of their military careers they never had the chance to do it “right”. Arianna wanted to surprise Carrie with a true proposal and plan out their perfect wedding together in California. So we went about the session like I would a typically with other couples, Arianna knew the spot I chose so I posed them and waited for her to act. Poor Carrie was caught so off guard, she kept asking if it was planned and if I knew. After the initial jitters wore off, she totally said yes and they had a lovely romantic stroll through the creek and into the sunset.  

These two were so pure, there was no pressure for me to pose them perfectly as they truly wanted candid and genuine moments. Not for one second did I feel out of beat, and after the session ended we sat around our cars for a little too long chatting about life, psychology and all the crazy stuff we did as kids. Connecting with my clients is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer, and when you meet people you feel instantly warmed up to is something unique and special. 

Cheers to Arianna + Carrie, best of luck in planning your dream wedding and living happily ever after together!