Ashleigh + Jake - Historic Farmhouse Wedding

Ashleigh + Jake tied the knot on November 18th 2017 at the historic farmhouse venue, Hoody Hudson Farm here in Columbus Georgia. Almost from the moment Ashleigh chose me as her wedding photographer, I knew their ceremony was going to be incredible. These two are both currently active duty officers, and Ashleigh specializes in logistics so I knew everything was going to run smoothly. 

Smooth was a severe understatement for this incredible wedding, the planning was impeccable as well as all of the gorgeous details and colors. No stone was left un-turned, the entire day from start to finish went without an issue and I know it's because of the incredible team that this gorgeous bride put together. 

Throughout this process, I became such good friends with the bride and I am so incredibly happy for them to start the rest of their lives together with such a gorgeous day. These images speak for themselves and I am so honored to have been chosen to capture these memories for them to look back on.