Columbus Georgia | Family Photographer | The O'Briens

Ever since I was young, I've always been an observer. I tend to notice things about people that most others don't pick up on, which actually comes quite handy being a photographer that has to learn details about people and capture them authentically within an hour or so. With family sessions this is especially the case.
Minutes after meeting me, and after a few basic questions about you, your significant other and kids I will have a good idea of how to shoot the entire session. You see while I do some traditional, posed shots I generally like to shoot our encounter very candidly. I want the personalities of everyone to be blatantly apparent, and with forced smiling shots it just won't happen. I want the trouble-maker, the shy one and the baby to be seen. With a documentary style of photography, their personalities all but reach out and slap you in the face. As a mother myself, I cherish the school pictures but what I am most drawn to are images where I can see that silly, mischievous boy for everything he is, everything that I love.