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The other day it actually hit me, I'm constantly creating beautiful images for other people to enjoy but I barely take any of my own family. You'd think I would have an arsenal of amazing family pictures but in truth, once the day is done and especially if I've met with clients or a local business, there isn't an abundance of time. The house still needs cleaning, someone has to cook, do the laundry and because of my husbands insane work schedule that someone is more often than not me. Once you come to a realization like that, you sort of have to remedy it. In an effort to work on MAKING (keyword here) time, I've started packing my camera around with me so that I won't have any excuses. 

My husband had a few days off this week, and we spent them fishing at the small little ponds scattered around Fort Benning. I had a meeting with the lovely ladies at Uptown Gowns, grabbed us some Wendy's and met the boys at the water! We most certainly didn't catch any fish, but I managed to get some great shots that *I* love of my family. 

Which leads me to another point I really want to make, which I will get to in a moment. I truly feel as a self employed person, if you don't love what you do you have all the power to change it. What don't I love doing? Family sessions that feel completely posed, forced and like it's done just because that is what is expected. Screw expected, am I right? I want to document something FUN that your family loves doing, something where everyone will be their TRUE selves and in their element. Family sessions absolutely do not have to be this cookie cutter thing that we just do, I would rather have ten images of my son being his absolute self than one of us all looking directly at the camera and forcing a smile. If you feel the same way, let me quietly introduce you to lifestyle and documentary photography: you journalistic soul, you. If not, and that isn't your cup of tea that is 100% okay as well, that's the beauty of it. I'm not for everyone and that's just fine! But for the people that do resonate with my work, I challenge you to think of something your family loves to do together. Whether thats fishing, staying home and having a movie marathon, going out shopping, anything you can think of that aligns with YOUR family and what you actually do. Now consider having a photographer tagging along, and the wonderful coffee table book that would result from that session.

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