Emily + Spencer - Engagement

Living in a military town means a good portion of my business comes from military personnel, their spouses and partners. I've found that no matter what stage of their careers there is always some distance, some sacrifice and a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for loved ones, orders, to know where and when they will live next. The military lifestyle isn't for the faint of heart and truly I can speak from experience, it's not for everyone. But I admire the ones that stick around, make it work and truly understand what it means to be in love with a service member.

Emily had contacted me a few months ago to set up and engagement shoot while her fiance was on his 48 hour pass from basic training. This girl found me all the way from Florida, so I'd like to have a moment of silence for all of the hours I've spent on website SEO and posting to social media- clearly I'm doing something right! We were rained out of our initial session date, but luckily everyone was still in town the next day so we got up nice and early to make sure there was still enough time for them to enjoy their day together. I believe Spencer will be graduating within the next few weeks and I know his family and especially Emily cannot wait to have him back! It was an honor to do your engagement session, I wish you both the best in marriage and Spencer's new career! Hopefully you get the duty station of your dreams, somewhere with enough space to keep those horses!