Jewels, Jacob + Zoey - Lifestyle

Jewels and I met ironically through one of those yard sale type of groups on Facebook, typically I ignore the tags because it's people looking for the cheapest photographer in the area but a close friend tagged me so I figured I'd peep into the details. I'm so incredibly glad I did, Jewels and Jacob are two of the nicest people and are faced with a truly terrible situation. Their beloved German Shepard, Zoey, was recently diagnosed with a very rapidly progressing type of cancer and they are unsure of how much quality time they will have together. They weren't looking for a cheap solution, they were looking for a professional to document their remaining time with their best friend, to have fond memories to look back on and cherish the short time they have had. In the recent months I have done a few grief sessions, and every time I get emotional but at least I know I can provide them with tangible memories to look back on and console myself with the fact that there was enough time for planning, to do it right.

A few years ago I lost what a lot of people would consider a pet, but he was so much more than that to me. I lost my horse I raised from a day old, he had to be put down on the spot due to a broken leg at 13 and the only memories I have are crappy cellphone pictures from 2008 and a few old film photos floating around between my mother and fathers houses. Not to bring the conversation entirely to me, but I know first hand what images like these would have meant to me. They offer a small piece of closure, for that I am so grateful to have the skill set to provide other people with. While the future is uncertain, they have right now and I know that Zoey will live the rest of her days knowing that she is loved tremendously. Thank you Jewels, Jacob & Zoey for allowing me into your lives to document this for you, and my deepest condolences for when the time comes.