Mommy & Me

Mothers day mini session

As a few of you know, I'm stepping away from the majority of my family work to focus mainly on couples, weddings and boudoir photography. I had a real sit down with myself and want to push full steam ahead into what really makes me passionate about photography, I'm a firm believer in the idea that we are called to certain things for a purpose and to deny that would go against the universe. 

But it's not like I plan on never photographing families, which is why I've decided to do mini sessions a few times a year to allow the people that love my work a chance to get in front of my camera. Over the last year I've found that most of the time, children and babies have an incredibly short window of patience when it comes to photography sessions so to be perfectly honest I can capture the best of the best within a shorter amount of time and less stress on everyone. About a week and a half ago I hosted my Mothers Day Mini Sessions at Hoody Hudson Farm because the grounds are gorgeous and they are absolute wonderful people. While I could have posted up at a public park, I didn't want to spend time working around other people and have extra chaos in the mix- photographing kids can be on the chaotic side to begin with so this was a great choice to really buckle down and focus on my clients and fulfilling their expectations.

Miss Olivia and her gorgeous family really dressed the part and knocked it out of the park during their session with me. Considering we only had twenty minutes together from start to finish, the images we created really stand out as some of my personal favorites that I have ever produced!