Canyon Engagement

when it rains it pours

Danielle her fiancé were absolute troopers during their rainy, canyon engagement shoot.  The weather wasn't looking very promising but we had already pushed the session back once; between her work schedule and my planned vacation we decided to go ahead with it. Once we got to Providence Canyon and started our hike down, the thunder started getting louder and more frequent. Luckily the rain held off until we got most of the posed shots I had planned, but in total I think we shot for 15 minutes before having to hike a quarter of a mile uphill out of that canyon in the pouring rain! 

Weatherproofed camera bags are your friend, because naturally none of us brought an umbrella. Guess what I'm never leaving the house without now? If you guessed an umbrella you'd be right, in fact I threw one in my trunk once I got home. 

Considering all of the challenges this session presented us with, I'm absolutely in love with these images! There's something so real and unposed about getting caught off guard in a thunderstorm, all the while quoting scenes from The Notebook. 💃🏼