Lifestyle Family Session

"may your walls know joy; may each room hold laughter, and may every window open to great possibility"

A few months ago I hosted Mothers Day mini sessions at Hoody Hudson Farm. Out of all the people that contacted me to book, I remember Amy distinctly; I recognized her email and that she had been on my email list for quite some time, unfortunately she was unable to invest in the Mothers Day session but a few weeks later I was contacted by a close friend of hers. This sweet friend decided to gift Amy the session she truly wanted and it really made me smile to know that these kinds of friends still exist, especially in this crazy military life we lead. These women surely have an incredibly strong bond, as close to family as it gets!

I finally met Amy and her adorable family in Columbus, Georgia on a bright Sunday morning in early July, I was greeted at the door by their German Shepard- Mochi. Their apartment was decorated straight out of my Pinterest dreams (which will never come to fruition by the way) and her daughters nursery was potentially the cutest of all. All in all we spent an incredibly enjoyable hour together and documented their time and first true home as a family.