Hannah + Kirby - Downtown Elopement

Before I ever met Kirby, I swore up and down that when the time came for me to get married, I was going to elope and then send our families postcards with the news & permission to eat cake on our behalf. After working in my family’s bridal boutique for 3 years, I knew way too much about weddings & didn’t want our marriage to be focused on an event, but rather the love between the two of us. Funny enough, Kirby always teased his mom while he was growing up by saying, “You won’t even know when I get married! We’re just going to run off and elope and you’ll find out later!” Fast forward to April 6, 2018, and there we are: just Kirby, myself, one of our favorite pastors, and two witnesses to say we actually did it at a local ministry….and on the very afternoon he graduated from ranger school, nonetheless. As you can imagine, that weekend was jam-packed with excitement & love, and we were so blessed by both sides of our family being in town for the momentous occasions! On April 16th, after the dust had settled, we met Brittany downtown to get official pictures made as bride and groom. I wore the dress (after a few minor alterations) that not only my mom wore when she married my dad, but the one my aunt also wore when she married my uncle, and Kirby put on his dress blues for the first time in his military career. And with the background of the city we fell in love in, Brittany made pure magic out of it all. She even flawlessly avoided photographing the 20-something year old BBQ stains on the bottom of my gown that just would not come out from a reception years ago! Even though we plan to have an actual wedding later this year to celebrate with extended family & friends, if it never happens, these photos exceed every dream we ever had to capture our marriage. We cannot thank Brittany enough for her time, talent, and heart that she shared with us through these images!

-Hannah Burton Weaver

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