Al + Toni - Pacific Grove, California Elopement

Asilomar Beach wedding anniversary portraits

Al + Toni have known one another since a very young age, in fact they walked down the aisle once before but as flower girl and ring bearer; after you ogle these gorgeous images scroll down to the bottom of the blog for a great then & now. If you ask them they'll both agree that from that point on they had a crush on one another that lasted throughout the decades. After briefly dating and cruising around Monterey California in Toni's hotrod of a Camaro back in the 70's they went their separate ways but were always in the back of each others minds. Some odd marriages and a multitude of children & grandchildren later they found themselves right where they left off. While time has continued to pass, their love for one another has endured.

Happy Anniversary Al + Toni, or as my son calls you-
Nanu & Nana Pony





Al + Toni Asilomar Beach Elopement
Al + Toni Asilomar Beach Elopement