Succulent Scientist - Personal Branding

Olympia Washington Personal Branding and Headshot Photographer

Who here has killed their fair share of succulents? I for one, was previously ‘banned’ from buying succulents because of my ability to immediately and mercilessly murder them. Let’s just say I’ve killed a cactus and leave it at that. Summer, otherwise known as The Succulent Scientist has taken me from plant destroyer to a surprisingly decent plant mom. She’s shown me how to properly care for these succas (pun intended) and even propagate them with ease! Seriously, I found a leaf that had been forgotten growing roots on my buffet table the other day. She’s got so much love for these plants and from the day I met her has been ALL about sharing that knowledge. Since then she’s started her own website, etsy shop and youtube channel that have been THRIVING. This girl will MAIL YOU the ultimate starter kit and give you all the tools to take you from plant executioner to proud plant mama. I hope you enjoy this Personal Branding session, if you jump on the Succulent Scientists’ email list you’ll be sure to see more of my work there and eeeep… in her upcoming BOOK! Go ahead, check this lady out but only if you have about thirty minutes to properly lurk and get 100% plant addicted.

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