Witchy Woman Boudoir

As September rolls in and our new brand is rolled out, there’s that chill in the air that you can instantly recognize as Fall. With that change of season comes my favorite time of year, not just for the pumpkins and cider, or the sweaters and boots- oh no those things are wonderful and definitely make Fall special for me but it’s not my favorite part. For me, it’s always about the spookiness of this season and it comes on like a light switch being flicked on. One minute you’re outside sun worshiping and the next you’re dancing almost nude in the moonlight to Stevie Nicks wearing your witchiest shawl… ok maybe that’s just me. (just kidding I go to sleep as soon as it’s dark) I wanted to create a shoot that had some very subtle witchy and spooky elements without being overly the top or cheesy. A nod to the more mystical side of life.

Right now, Undine Boudoir is running a VERY limited time special for a Boudoir Session + a digital package. You can find more information about that on our contact page HERE. There are more exciting things to come and I cannot wait to share them with you! Until then, get your witchy booty in the studio for a session you’ll never forget!

All of these images aside from the final which is a composite of four separate images- are completely PHOTOSHOP FREE! All edits were done in Lightroom and included zero body modifications.

***no chickens or other animals (the skull was a forest find from a few years back) were harmed for this photoshoot. In fact, the chicken got scritchy scratchies for being very patient :)


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