Paige & John | Columbus, Georgia | Couples Photography

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Paige and her husband John at Flat Rock Park, here in Columbus. I was leaving on a trip the following Monday and was a little hesitant how much work I should take on before departing, but I decided to go for it and it was actually my busiest weekend to date! But that might change once my boudoir marathon kicks off on Jan 7th ;)

These two are total sweethearts, the way they interact with one another you can just tell what a deep love they truly have.  A few times I caught John fixing Paige's necklace and hair whenever the wind caught it wrong, helping her navigate the slope of the rocks because she was in heels. Quite the gentleman that one, let me tell you! Oh and I should mention I thought it was a brilliant idea to bring my son, since you know it's a park; it was not a brilliant idea. Luckily Paige was amazing and helped me coax him to stay by us, and while walking to our last little locale my son grabbed Johns hand and they walked like that for a minute! I normally do not condone hand-holding with strangers but you know- these ones seemed *alright* (love you guys LOL)

All in all, they showed up looking like couples session rockstars, were a total joy to work with and didn't bat an eye when I was like "you should probably fireman carry one another.