Sydney + Will - Wedding

I met Sydney & Will in the fall of 2016 when they were first starting on their journey of finding a wedding photographer. I actually met up with Sydney at Starbucks, snapped a shot of her and posted it to Instagram because I was coming from a family session and still had my gear with me! We hit it off immediately, I did their engagement photos up in Pine Mountain at Dowdells Knob at the little overlook. Doing an engagement session really gives us time to get to know one another before the big day when it's all chaos and confusion. During that shoot I learned about Sydney's job, where they're from, how Will used to do rodeo and most importantly how to photograph them well together!

Fast-forward a lot of months to April 22nd, there was a small delay with the hair and makeup but everyone eventually showed up with plenty of time to spare. It gave me a good chance to walk the property, figure out the timelines and get all of the detail shots together so it wouldn't be a crazy rush during the actual event. The Waterview Lodge is a smaller venue, but incredibly charming and plenty of space to accommodate the average sized wedding. Sydney & Will chose me as their wedding photographer because they trusted in my abilities as a photographer despite not shooting any weddings previously. They took a chance with me but I'm so incredibly pleased with the results, and truly found what I am passionate about. It's as complicated as you make it, but being flexible and knowing things beforehand can make all of the difference! 

Every part of the day was enjoyable, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be a toss up between the getting ready images and the dance shots- they're just so much fun and you have to get ALL up in the mix! But we really cannot discount how awesome the sparkler exit was, and also terrifying if I might add!? Let's see you shuffle-run backwards through two lines of strangers holding fire-y pokers without looking, I'll wait! Seriously though, I thought I might get a burn or two but it would have been worth it, luckily we all came out unscathed. 

Sydney and Will, I wish you two the world of happiness together. During your first dance I cried, almost had to slap myself and be a damn professional but the connection you two have with one another is so real. Hold each other close and don't let the world tear that love from your hearts!