Documentary Photography

What is Documentary Photography? 

simplest answer? It's real. The best way I can put it is what it is not  ; it is not posed, it is not directed or scripted, it is not a perfectly clean house or perfectly set up shots disguised as memories. Documentary photography is the truest version of what I do, it is everything that happens in the moment and the little moments you'll wish you saw for what they truly are.  

All of the images you see below are from my personal life, over the course of two years.

These are not perfect, but they are what I look back on fondly and with each image I can remember EXACTLY  what was going on when the picture was taken. Conversations, adventures, silly kid stages, you name it. Ask me about any random picture below and I'll tell you what was in that moment. These are my messy house, unfiltered, raw memories that I cherish; and I know that I can give you the same experience for you and your family.  

Documentary photography is something I am very passionate about, I tend to photograph my sessions very journalistically so it's only natural that progression has lead me here.  

If you would like to hear more about how I shoot documentary sessions, email me! I'd love to chat with you about my style, why I absolutely love it and what goes into it. It's not for everyone, and that is 100% okay, but if you find yourself drawn to it the way I am well... You know where to find me :)