What is stopping you?

Family sessions are one of the most popular requests a photographer can get, understandably so! We all want quality images of our loved ones, documenting the different stages and ages to look back on fondly. Sometimes I get inquiries from women that are SO interested in booking with me but have so many hesitations or concerns that the self doubt takes over and they are never to be heard from again.


but listen up mama,


You deserve those memories preserved, right now. There is no "right" time, things will never fall so perfectly into place that there will be a beam of sunlight coming down onto you saying *now is the time to write that photographer*. It's just not going to happen! As a mom I know that things can be a little rough around the edges sometimes but TRUST ME, I'm the expert and this is what I do! Whether it's concerns about personal looks, children behaving or whatever you keep telling yourself will be the issue, I'm here to tell you that none of that matters.


none of it matters.


Feel me? I hope you do because this is some serious real talk I'm dishing out, this coffee fueled rant will NOT last long so I hope you take it to heart. Think back on something from your past, something you thought wasn't a big deal but now you look back on it fondly. Don't you wish you stopped caring about your excuses and had those memories preserved and documented? Kids WILL be kids, there is no if and or but about that and guess what? There is nothing wrong with that. or a session with me all you have to do is take some of my advice, show up and let me handle it. This is what I love doing, this is my element and I'm so up to the challenge of making it work, making art and making you so freakin' happy!


Don't wait, don't put it off until a better time. Life is so short and I know for me personally I would rather be slightly uncomfortable or unsure for an hour and have the little moments with the people I love immortalized.

So tell me, what is stopping you right now?