The how and why of what I do

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
— Dorothy Lange

I want to honestly reach out to anyone reading this and explain a few things about how I work as an artist. For myself personally, I do not get any enjoyment from looking at or recreating extremely posed images. Documentary, photojournalistic, emotional imagery- to me these sum up the whole of who I am as a photographer. I completely understand the desire for family portraits where everyone is grouped together in a traditional way, but almost 9 times out of 10 it leaves me feeling awkward, my clients feeling stiff and no flow happening. No flow/no go, okay?

What I want to achieve during a session is more documenting the day in parts, fine details and the whole, I want my clients to be their natural selves and do what ever speaks to them in the moment. My style, as most artists know is ever changing, but I aim to bring life to the images, so you can feel the mood and the movement behind each and every one. See the love, the connection, the WHY.

(artists who inspire me Twyla Jones, The Blissful Maven and India Earl.)

With that being said, dear reader, I can only provide you with what you provide me. I cannot give you beautiful, soulful images if I am photographing a visibly uncomfortable person. TRUST ME when I say I understand, being photographed is intimidating and a little scary and definitely something you are not used to. But I am the tool to the end goal of gorgeous images that would be the focal point to any room. Going into a session, we need to be on the same page, that we are there to create art and yes, it's probably going to feel a little silly but it is going to be SO worth it! Some people might think that, because I chose to be a photographer that I can do and enjoy all forms of the art. I hate to say it but it just is not true, we all have our areas we are drawn to and that is why I'm here writing to you and not a portrait photographer in the mall. If you are truly looking for that staged photo on a white backgrop for your holiday photos, then I encourage you to take a trip to your nearest Sears department. If you are interested in creating emotional art that you will cherish for the rest of your life, well then you are in the right place!