Lifestyle Sessions - A day with the DeArmas

     Most of my time behind the camera, I've always been drawn to a more journalistic approach; a fly on the wall if you will. For me it seems more genuine and memorable than most posed work, which I have absolutely nothing against and when done well it can be fantastic! But I wondered to myself, what would I personally like to remember more from this part of my life... the real day to day moments in all their chaos and glory or a photo of us saying "cheeeeeeeeeeese" in a field and pretending it wasn't like pulling teeth to get my 4 year old to sit still and smile AT THE SAME TIME. I follow a great deal of photographers, especially on instagram (haaaaaaay) and felt really inspired to start doing lifestyle photography sessions for myself. Can I just say that I absolutely, freaking, love it! It's real, it's raw, it's a moment in time you're never getting back and one day you're going to look back on it so fondly.
     I spent the day with the DeArmas family last week, paling around in their living room, oogling their super cute baby girl and asking questions about taxidermy because... look at that goat thing! I think he's pretty cool! Lifestyle is exactly that, it's your life in all the realness and I'm there, paparazzo-style, ready to document it all.