Birth Photography - Martin Family - Martin Army Community Hospital

A few mornings ago as I was sitting down to take my first sips of coffee in the peaceful stillness (kiddo still in bed) my phone rings. "Uh hey, are you up? We're at the hospital and she's in labor." ON MY WAY! I rushed up the stairs to get my kid dressed, teeth brushed and a backpack packed full of snacks and goodies to last the whole day. I think I brushed my teeth, I mean I must have... with coffee in hand, camera bag and kid in tow we drove the two minutes to the hospital and ran all the way to L&D. Now if you know me, mornings + running + kids is a no go. Nope, two coffee minimum before I can 'person' but there I was running like a crazy person with WAY too many bags. I get to the room and it immediately starts to get serious, contractions, doctors coming in and out preparing her for surgery, two young kids bouncing around like lunatics completely oblivious to the severe pain the lady on the table is in. I turn my camera on, and in between contractions I make sure to ask her if she's still okay with photographing, and to try not to bite my head off when the shutter clicks. I know how I react to noise when I'm in pain, usually a hiss between the teeth of STOP IT, so I like to make sure it's all still OK. She's all sure go ahead and document my pain I don't care, then ASKS ME if she needs her to pose a certain way. Girl you're having a baby you don't even... stop that and pretend I'm not even here! Soon enough they take her away, walking down the hallway, the last few minutes of being the parents to an only child. *Tears.* The boys and I waited about two hours (trying to keep kids calm and quiet in L&D is no joke you guys) so we walked around the empty hospital and I ran them up and down some stairs FAR away from the maternity ward. After what felt like forever, dad finally came into the room still in scrubs saying they're doing good and I can go see her, so I gladly handed over the reins of the boys to him and walked down to the recovery room where we joked a little, met the little one and discussed a time frame to move to the mother-baby suite. Due to it being a holiday the hospital was quite empty, only staff that needed to be there were present, so when it came time to move everyone, there weren't enough hands to shuffle mom AND baby so I got the honor of bringing baby boy to meet the rest of his family. MACH from what I experienced was absolutely wonderful, the staff was so informative and friendly, knowledgable and overall warm. I expected maybe a few looks from them since I was unsure about their photography policy but they openly included me in every step on the way (minus the c-section since I was the temporary nanny as well) but they get a 10/10 from me! Momma and baby are home now, happy, healthy and recovering just fine. I loved being a part of this new lifes welcoming committee, I was unsure how I would feel towards photographing a birth but this could be a new favorite of mine. If you are pregnant and looking for a birth photographer I would be more than happy to speak with you further about how I work and what I can do for you.