Miss C - Boudoir

Ever since I became a photographer, I’ve been obsessed with light. I’m constantly turning off overhead lights my family leaves on during the daytime; not to conserve electricity but because we have AMAZING windows all over the place. In fact, light is the most important component of photography aside from a camera and a person that actually you know, knows how to use it. I’m not talking about any light, because that would include those terrible fluorescent workshop/office building lights and those are SO CREEPY AND TERRIBLE. I’m talking about that gorgeous even light you get from a nice big window, or magic hour right after sunrise and just before sunset. But let’s be honest, you don’t always have great light or have time to wait for it and in the Seattle area in the fall, winter and large part of spring that couldn’t be more true. They are dark times my friend!

I sat around thinking about my options, and basically it was to 1) not work in the winter time 2) embrace the grain and push the limits of my camera 3) use artificial lighting GASP! I pride myself on being a natural light photographer, not because I’m incapable of using off camera lighting techniques, it’s a personal preference. That is, until now. This entire session was shot using ONLY artificial lighting! There was some fill from the window but it was extremely overcast and an ISO of 3200 wasn’t going to save me, nor would I ever recommend pushing it up that high. Without getting into the technicalities, or giving away too many secrets to spying eyes… I created a faux window that is entirely mobile and so easy and ridiculous looking you’ll laugh if you do see it!

I love how even and soft this set turned out with my artificial setup. I can’t wait to really utilize this throughout the darker days of winter ahead.

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