Pocono Adventure

     So technically this is backlogged by... a few months. Yeah I know, I'm not a blogger what can I say? My mother owns this adorable little, and I do mean LITTLE, three season cabin that is just so perfect. It was built in the 1930s I do believe and is completely original inside, it's like a timecapsule back to a small bavarian hunting cottage. 

     I have delusions of living in a tiny house so of course 600sqft appealed to my dream of living in a closet, but in truth I think something this size is perfect. Everywhere I looked I could see what my rambunctious son was up to; and as any mother knows sometimes quiet is suspiciously quiet. It was too easy to sit by the fire and have a complete view of all the rooms he could be potentially up to no good in, I loved it!

    The name, original to the house as well as many of the wall hangings, is "The Squirrel" and aptly so. The outside shutters have squirrel cutouts, the windows are lined with squirrel paraphernalia and I mean, it's adorable. The dirt road has a few homes just like this, and they all are cutely named with cutely cut out shutters as well. Time hop to a more adorable period in time I tell ya. 

     Dingmans Ferry, PA doesn't seem like there is a big draw, but to me it was wonderful. We went during the coldest months but in the spring and summer (now >.<) I imagine all of the hiking trails and paved walking paths would be so much prettier and green. Growing up in a woodsy town I always find myself drawn back in to the same kinds of settings. Stopping every once in a while and reevaluating what you're doing with your life makes all of the difference, truly all you need to be happy is the company of the people and things you love and maybe occasionally poking a fire to keep warm. Simple things man, but they sure do make me smile like a jerk