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Katie + Steve - Downtown Sunrise Engagement
Arianna + Carrie - Surprise Proposal

Arianna and Carrie have been married for a few years now, but due to both of their military careers they never had the chance to do it “right”. Arianna wanted to surprise Carrie with a true proposal and plan out their perfect wedding together in California. So we went about the session like I would a typically with other couples, Arianna knew the spot I chose so I posed them and waited for her to act. Poor Carrie was caught so off guard, she kept asking if it was planned and if I knew. After the initial jitters wore off, she totally said yes and they had a lovely romantic stroll through the creek and into the sunset.  

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Danielle + Nate - Canyon Engagement

Danielle and I decided to go ahead and set up a day to meet for a sunrise shoot at Providence Canyon State Park here in western Georgia. She and her fiance, Nate were so much fun to work with and I feel like we really captured them as a couple. We also paid great attention to combining a candid, bohemian style that they love with the more traditional posed images their families would appreciate! These two lovebirds are keen on traveling and getting all there is to get out of life, cheers to a happy engagement and the beachy wedding of your dreams!

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Courtney + Forbes | Riverwalk Engagement

I met Courtney earlier this year with much thanks to the lovely ladies at Uptown Gowns. We met at Iron Bank Coffee Co. and quickly hit it off, and just like that she booked me for her wedding this fall at the W.C. Bradley Chapel & Museum! It's no secret that I tend to be REALLY enthusiastic about all of my sessions and clients, but these two are stepping outside of the typical southern wedding 'norm' and going with a very trendy LA look. It's everything I ever wanted to bring to the deep south and I'm BEYOND excited for their wedding this November.

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Emily + Spencer - Engagement

Living in a military town means a good portion of my business comes from military personnel, their spouses and partners. I've found that no matter what stage of their careers there is always some distance, some sacrifice and a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for loved ones, orders, to know where and when they will live next. The military lifestyle isn't for the faint of heart

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