What to Wear - Brittany Martorella - Columbus GA Fine Art Photographer

After finally convincing your family that you need to hire a photographer for some updated photos, figuring out which photographer you resonate with the most (I mean.. hello) and booking a date that works best for everyone; now comes a real client stressor.

What are we going to wear.

Well, the good thing is that there are no right or wrong answers here. Whenever I am asked for assistance choosing outfits I always like to remind clients that it is your session so the clothing and style should be something true to who you are as a family. If you are normally very laid back and show up in evening clothes, well to be honest you’re all going to look stiff and uncomfortable which will show in the finished product. Comfort, fit and color is key!


For me personally, I love when clients coordinate without being overly matching. Say you find a top you really like for yourself, pull colors from that and those that complement it to use for the rest of your crew. Another tip would be to make sure you are matching the current season; it sounds glaringly obvious I know but you might be surprised how often it comes up. When choosing outfits it also helps to match everyone equally as far as clothing style- if you show up in a fitted dress and heels but your husband is in jeans and tennis shoes it’s going to look off. Now put him in some slacks and a button down and you two look like you’re ready for a night on the town!


I know you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Brittany these are so obvious why are you telling me this again.’ Well it seems obvious, but if you told me today that I had to plan outfits for my guys and be ready in a week you’d probably find me sitting on the floor of my closet in a pile of clothes and a glass of wine… online buying new clothes. Before you invest in a session, invest in yourselves and have an idea of how you want it to go down! When booking with me, we both have jobs as strange as that sounds it’s true. Mine is technical, I’m great at what I do but the finished product is up to both of us! So if you take my advice and follow my clothing tips, I know that upon viewing your gallery you will be blown away.


Recap Time!

  • Complementing color scheme

  • Matching style

  • Comfort

  • Plan ahead!

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